If the furious debate around the state of healthcare in the US has led to any consensus, it’s that the system should be delivering better quality for less cost. Instead, we have a sprawling mix of competing interests in which those of patients are valued least. Too much discussion of the problem has devolved to simplistic scapegoating, and too few comprehensive, constructive solutions have been offered. It’s time for a fresh vision.

In straightforward language, Healthcare at a Turning Point: A Roadmap for Change outlines a new market-based business model that aligns industry financing mechanisms with the goals of prevention, improved quality, and reduced costs.

  • “Numerof and Abrams identify clearly and objectively the obstacles that must be overcome and gaps that must be closed by each of the important participants in the healthcare ecosystem, and then as the book’s title implies, they deliver a roadmap, which is not only plausible, but if followed, will undoubtedly succeed in getting all of us there.”

    Harlan F. Weisman, M.D.
    Former Chief Scientific and Tech. Officer
    Medical Devices and Diagnostics
    Johnson & Johnson

  • “Numerof and Abrams have crafted a thoughtful, and often provocative, analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare industry today.  At its heart is a clarion call for the sector to become much more patient and consumer-centric – before their existing business models become obsolete.”

    Paul Howard
    Director and Senior Fellow
    Center for Medical Progress
    Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

  • “The authors’ blueprint for health care redesign is impressively conceived yet decidedly business-minded… An elucidating, relevant discourse on the precarious future of medical care.”

    Kirkus Reviews

  • “The authors present thought-provoking ideas for the “disruptive innovation” needed to uncover pragmatic solutions for our country’s health care delivery system. Though I don’t agree with all they have written, this suggested blueprint for market-based action is a must read for all sides of the health care reform debate.”

    Marc Boutin
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    National Health Council

  • “Everyone agrees that the American healthcare system needs to change, but there is little agreement about how it should change.  Abrams and Numerof paint a picture of how healthcare could look in an ideal future, and offer to manufacturers, payers, and providers a way to get there.”

    David L. Horwitz, MD, PhD, FACP
    Chief Medical Officer
    Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute